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532                              STOMACH OF VAMPIRE                      CHAP, xvi
bloodsucking habit; but its use appears to be merely that of
scooping out the soft insides of fruits, upon which the Bat mainly
lives. The incisors are only one on each side of the upper
jaw. The really bloodsucking Bats of this family belong to the
genera Desmotlus and Dipliylla,. The former is the Vampire, the
species being known as Desmodus rufus. These Bats have no
tail; there is no true molar tooth; the canines are large, and the
single pair of upper incisors quite caniiiiform, and very sharp and
strong. These are the main teeth for aggression. In accordance
with its diet of blood., the Vampire has a peculiarly modified
intestine. The gullet is provided with a bore so small that
nothing but fluid food could pass down it; the stomach is
intestiniform in shape.